Happy Hippie Patchouli


Far out, right? You’re hanging with friends…life’s good….

The Body/Mood Connection: Patchouli is a warm earthy scent that for centuries has been used to scent clothes and bodies. And brings pleasant memories of past Hippie-hood!! Patchouli acts as both a sedative and a nerve stimulant, depending on what your body needs. It supports the endocrine system and treats edema, obesity, depression and anxiety.

Happy Hippie Patchouli

The Mind/Mood Connection: Patchouli is considered to be rejuvenating, induces peace of mind, integrates energy and helps you to become more grounded, as you connect your mind with your body.

The Musical/Mood Connection: I highly recommend these songs when you need to feel more grounded! Grab a bar of my Patchouli soap, jump into the shower, with or without a friend, and blast away the music!

Donovan, “Sunshine Superman”

Janelle Monet, “Mushrooms & Roses”

Grateful Dead, “Ripple”

These 4 ounces of Mood Indigo’s Happy Hippie Patchouli contain pure Patchouli essential oils, righteously blended with Olive, Coconut, Palm, Rice Bran oils, water, sodium hydroxide & natural botanical colorants.

We use all-natural vegetarian oils, pure botanical essential oils & natural botanical colorants in our soaps. We want you to have happy, vibrant skin while being as eco-friendly as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

“I love the aroma of the soaps and they don’t dry out my skin! My friends love receiving them as gifts” ~ Pilar M., Toronto, Canada

“My older daughter has sensitive skin and reacts to many store-bought soaps and detergents. We found that Mood Indigo Soaps do not bother her sensitivity. They do not dry the skin, and are even mild enough to be used on our faces. We have sent her off to college with many bars of Mood Indigo Soap!” ~ Susan C., Davidson, NC

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