Natural Soaps: Mood Indigo Vibe, The Box Set

$35.00 $30.00

100% Natural Soaps. Mood Indigo Vibe, The Box Set,includes 6 of our best selling natural soaps packaged especially for you!

The complete Mood Indigo experience includes Lavender Cloud, Cinna Groove, Rhapsody N Green, Coco Loco, Wake It Up, Mango Mamma

Natural Soaps: Mood Indigo Vibe, The Box Set

It’s a special experience for your every mood and desire. We’ve included Lavender Cloud (are hands down bestseller), Rhapsody n Green (for lemongrass lovers), Wake It Up (a tingly Peppermint experience), Cinna Groove (my favorite), Coco Loco (citrus heaven), and  Mango Mamma (lush and juicy). So whether you want a pick me up or a soothing, relaxed or rejuvenating vibe, pick your mood to start your day exactly the way you want! If you’re a Patchouli or Sandalwood fan and you’d like us to switch the flavors around, just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. And if you can’t make up your mind, check out what Alan does with his Box Set, everyday!!

We use all-natural vegetarian oils, pure botanical essential oils & natural botanical colorants in our products.We want you to have happy, vibrant skin while being as eco-friendly as possible. Hope you enjoy our lovely 100%  natural soaps!


“I first used a Mood Indigo almost 10 years ago – it was a gorgeous bar of cinnamon and easily the best  natural soap I have ever used! Still remember the texture – a perfect blend of cream and scrub that worked so well in the hard desert water of Jaipur. Currently being soothed by the lavender as my nighttime bar, and looking forward to breaking open the coconut and mango ones next!” ~ Niloufer Sagar, Mumbai, India

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