Relax and Restore


You’re lying on your back in a field of lavender. The stresses of life are floating, floating, floating away… Relax and Restore!!

Pamper and soothe your skin with our luscious soaps, scrubs and richly emollient body butters. Preservative free and full of skin loving nutrients, these sumptuous all natural creations will make your skin will glow with pleasure & vitality!! Relaxation will be your new best friend!

Relax and Restore with the mac-daddy of stress relief at your very fingertips! Created especially for Lavender lovers everywhere. Soothe your mind and  your body with our Lavender Cloud Body Butter, Lavender Cloud Sugar Scrub, 2 bars of our luscious lavender soap and Vanilla lip balm. Protect your bounty with our lovely wooden soap deck and a Bamboo scoop!

The Mind/Mood Connection:  Lavender has been recognized and appreciated throughout history for its calming, soothing and healing qualities. My Lavender Cloud soap is a wonderful stress reliever and can be used to aid in depression, insomnia, anxiety and grief.

The Musical/Mood Connection: I highly recommend these songs when you need to relax and unwind!

Miles Davis, “Kind of Blue”

Nick Drake, “Saturday Sun”

Noirin Ni Riain, “Virgin’s Lament”

Benny Goodman, “Memories of You”


We use all-natural vegetarian oils, pure botanical essential oils & natural botanical colorants in our products.We want you to have happy, vibrant skin while being as eco-friendly as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying!
“Loving my lavender soap from Mood Indigo Soaps!” ~ Carla J., Davidson, NC

“I have been using Mood Indigo Soaps for several years. I use them as full body soaps and have found that they lather perfectly.  Even during cold winters when I normally suffer from dry skin, they keep my skin very soft.  I have tried a number of different scents and love that they are all pleasant and not too overpowering.  And, I especially love that they are made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.”  ~ Laurel K., Raleigh, NC

“The perfect start to my day: step in the shower and grab a bar of Lavender Cloud! I love these soaps.”  ~ Glenda J., Chapel Hill, NC

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