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Khaleesi & the Launch of my First-Born!

I left a piece of my heart in Memphis, Tennessee two weekends ago, and no, it was not because of Elvis!! We launched my beloved, first-born child as she soared off to college on this new and exciting journey of hers. And now, while she soars and delights in exploring all that independent college life brings,

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Finding Balance in Grief

I know it’s been a while, a long, long since I’ve grappled with my big writing block and fear of being vulnerable and visible through my writing. And yet, I do have every good intention to connect with each of you, in a real, deep and meaningful way. So here I am again, attempting to write, with no rules and restrictions around how and where and when.

The Reluctant Blogger

Yes, that’s me, the reluctant blogger but here I am attempting to blog again!! As the rest of you have moved into 2016, New Year resolutions in hand, I’m still not sure that I’m fully prepared to join in. My friends look at me askance when I share my sentiments, vainly attempt to reserve judgment, and then wonder aloud if I truly have any other options. But hey, who’s in charge of my life, right?? Who the heck decided that January 1st, a date smack dab in the middle of winter, right after a hectic religious holiday, had to be the beginning of the New Year?

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Afghan women’s cycling team

I posted a story about the Afghani women’s cycling team to my Facebook page a couple of days ago and cannot get the story out of my head. These women challenge all sorts of societal taboos when they rise each morning and head out on their morning ride, not sure if they’re going to make it home intact….everyday!

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Lemongrass Lovers and Chai

Lemongrass lovers and Chai….The first thought that pops into my head when I think about Lemongrass is a cup of hot chai on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 4 o’clock tea is a veritable ritual in every Parsi household, perhaps not replete with cucumber sandwiches, but it is certainly accompanied by a healthy dose of snacks…batasas, wafers, chicken pattice, mawa cake! I’m drooling already….Ah, that hot sweet tea; strong, sweet, milky, and infused with fresh Lemongrass stalks and crushed mint.

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Teenagers and Joys of Motherhood

I have become increasingly aware that this journey to joyful, vibrant living has incredible ups and downs! Especially when trying to raise teenagers!!!! Raising a 14 year old girl, is both an amazing, wonderful adventure and a humbling and unsettling journey

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