1 Soap+Scrub+Butter a Month Subscription


Create the ultimately luxurious, hassle-free and affordable skincare routine, to help you glow from the inside out!!

1 Soap + 1 Scrub + 1 Butter a Month Subscription

Mood indigo’s Annual Subscription Service will help you create a healthy and affordable body-care routine for yourself.  We can send you a mix of soaps, scrubs and butters as a surprise, OR if you’ve just gotta have your personal favorites, request exactly what you want and it will be delivered to your doorstep.  This ensures that self-care becomes routine and that you’ll never run out of our handmade products ever again!! And since we love our Moodi customers, we’ll also slip in some treats from time to time! 

  • Soap + Scrub (5oz) + Butter (3oz)/month :   $25.00                                

    “It’s like a wonderful gift shows up on your doorstep just when you need it!”     Elizabeth Martin, Davidson

Orders will be delivered once a quarter.

Choose local delivery to avoid shipping charges at Checkout if you live in the Davidson/Cornelius/Huntersville area


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Annual Subscriptions

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  • 1 Soap + 1 Scrub a Month Subscription

    1 Soap + 1 Scrub a Month Subscription

    Luxurious, hassle-free, SELF CARE for YOU, delivered right to your doorstep!!
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    1 Soap a Month Subscription

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